Suzhou Tianlu Bio-pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., established in Dec.1999 covering an area of 26,666 square meters, is a high-tech shareholding company with a total investment of one hundred millionyuan. As an influential producer of cholic products both in China and abroad, our company specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing biological APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. At present, we have 10 invention patents and establish a technology research center of cholic products that undertakesmultiple national projects.
Our major products include ursodeoxycholic acid(UDCA), cholic acid(CA), hyodeoxycholicacid(HDCA),teypsin-chymotrypsin, pancreatin, candesartan, valsartan, intermediate 7-ACCA, etc. with an annual production capacity over 230 tons. The quality of our products is evensuperior tothe foreign standards. Our UDCA can be produced according to various standards such as USP33, EP8.0, JP15 or ChP2015, in order to meet different requirements of our customers.
In order to ensure the supply of raw materials, Suzhou Tianlu has invested and established a pharmaceutical intermediates project withan annual production capacity over 530 tons of cholic products in National High-tech Development Zone, Dezhou, Shandong Province.
Our company has strict and all-round quality control system, complete and good production equipment and a full set of advanced testing facilities in compliance with GMP rules,which ensure the quality of our products superior to domestic and foreign pharmacopoeia standard.
Our UDCA API plant has obtained the National GMP certificateand CEP certificate from EDQM. Now we are working on the application for FDA certification.
Based on advanced technology, strict quality control system and distinguished reputation, we will always provide you with the products in excellent quality.
We are looking forward to establishing long-term strategic partnership with your esteemed company.
Logo interpretation
「Name」Tianlu logo 「Design motif」People oriented, natural, healthy
The two Chinese characters ‘天绿’ is defined as natural, green and environmental protection. The logo is designed by changing the Chinese character ‘天’ to a image of person embracing which is technologically look, and it represents the concept of our company is people oriented and high technology promoting the company. The background of the logo is shape of the earth, and ‘天’ looks like a healthy and strong person standing on the earth. The up embraced image has a meaning of conformity to the will of god. It represents unity of heaven and man and cosmological harmony. The green background represents the willing of back to nature and enjoying nature. The two circles represent essence of living beings and the earth. It shows that our company uses the natural biological raw materials and focuses on the safe and healthy product and the world-oriented perspective.
【Company Purpose】
Dedicating ourselves to the welfare of people
【Strategic Objectives】
Building an ever-growing enterprise with farsighted vision
【Company Spirit】
In the spirit of solidarity, dedication,
innovation and pragmatism, we aim
to make contributions in good faith
to the health of human society.
【Core Values of Company】
Quality of service utmost, innovation and credibility first
Enterprise Honor
Development History

◆ 1999---- Suzhou Tianlu Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established.

◆ 2008----‘Ursodeoxycholic Acid’ was approved by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province as ‘High-tech product’

◆ 2009----‘Cephalosporins’ was approved by Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau as ‘International Technology Cooperative Project’

◆ 2009----‘Ursodeoxycholic Acid’ attain the project approval by Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau as ‘Scientific and Technological Supporting Plan (Social Development) Project ’

◆ 2009----‘Ursodeoxycholic Acid’ is approved by Suzhou Economy and Information Technology Commission as ‘Circular Economy Project’

◆ 2009---- Our company obtained the National GMP Certificate for UDCA

◆ 2009---- Our company was designated by Jiangsu Non-public Scientific and Technological Enterprises Association as ‘Jiangsu Non-public Scientific and Technological Enterprise’

◆ 2010----‘Ursodeoxycholic Acid’ is awarded by Wuzhong district, Suzhou city as ‘2009 Scientific and Technological Progress Top Grade Award’

◆ 2010---- Our company is designated by The People’s Government of Suzhou as ‘Suzhou City Circular Economy Experimental Enterprise’

◆ 2010----‘Ursodeoxycholic Acid’ attain the project approval by Technical Innovation Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology

◆ 2010---- our company was certified as ‘high and new tech enterprises’ by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province

◆ 2010---- Our company obtained the certificate of ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

◆ 2011---- Our company was awarded the CEP.

◆ 2011---- Construction of Shandong Tianlu API base began.

◆ 2012---- Suzhou cholic acid engineering technology center was established

◆ 2013---- passed the project acceptance of science and technology SMES by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of Country.

◆ 2014---- The product of Ursodeoxycholic acid was certified by the new version of GMP

◆ 2017---- tablet and capsule obtained drug production license

◆ 2017---- EP version ursodeoxycholic acid product was recognized as a high-tech product

◆ 2017---- Jiangsu Science and technology development project passed the acceptance